Trade & Commerce Division
To optimally manage its affairs, IV Industrial Group extends and maintains its business to profitable customers in order to enhance its brand image through a Trade & Commerce Division.
The division is responsible for foreign and domestic commerce.
The foreign commerce section focuses on imports and exports.
Exports Section examines the target market in terms of population, income, age, education, geography, and rules and regulations in the destination country.
The next step is to identify and communicate to companies capable of distributing the products.
The Imports Section conducts research to identify potentially importable goods and their likely success in the Iranian market. Then the Trade & Commerce Division runs extensive market research and plan to import the goods once all technical and marketing requirements are met.

Marketing Division
In addition to identifying target markets, this division supply goods for consumers, sales, and attending bids in lie with the activities of the Sales Division.

The Marketing Division is intended to
•    Identify potential target markets and gather data;
•    Plan and arrange for sales promotion, advertisements, exhibitions, seminars, and using other instruments to introduce the company and attract customers;
•    Analyze market situations in terms of pricing, make decisions for developing sales strategies, arrange for contracts with customers to cover demands of both sides, and prepare analytical and statistical reports on these activities.

طراحی لوگو و آرم طراحی کاتالوگ و بروشور طراحی بسته بندی طراحی هویت بصری و ست اداری طراحی بیلبورد عکاسی صنعتی عکاسی تبلیغاتی عکاسی زویرآلات، طلا و جواهر عکاسی دکوراسیون و معماری طراحی وب سایت طراحی UX/UI ساخت تیزر تبلیغاتی ساخت موشن گرافیک طراحی اینفوگرافیک