Venus Group

Production Division

Component Design and Development

  1. Approves reception of the Commerce Division’s requests for new components by the R&D Division.
  2. Prepares drawings for new components using 3D CAD Modeling and 3D printing technology for components for which no sample is available.
  3. Sends geometric designs for brass components (connectors) for extruding the molds required to make ingots.
  4. Controls and inspects components for mechanical specifications and analyzes CAE components and performance in virtual environment using these components.
  5. Sends prototypes to the CNC units for machining and quality control; and Sends printed components as prototypes to the molding unit.

Production Division

  1. Manufactures and assembles components according to the existing drawings and by examining initial production processes.
  2. Sends prototypes for approval of actual efficiency, including thermal tests for materials, pressure tests for brass components, controlling components made outside the company.
  3. Sends prototypes approved by the Technical Division for final inspection by the QC Division.
  4. Prepares initial written reports for components, indicating strengths and weaknesses and solutions for the QC Division.
  5. Field tests components in the Management Division, identifies production costs, and examines demands of the target (domestic and foreign) markets; and Issues production and financing permits.

Casting & Molding Division

  1. Relies on the expertise of experienced engineers in initial steps for (optical) measurement of printed components down to 5 μm.
  2. Analyzes dimension and prepares virtual comparison reports for components.
  3. Uses Hot Runner and Semi Hot Runner System on all available molds to design components with enhanced quality while improving productivity and reducing the length of injection cycle and Uses CNC and CAM instrumentation to produce the molds.

Plastic Production Division

This unit is equipped with fully automatic equipment. It has received safety control certificates for a production capacity of 130 to 160 T and offers top quality products with fixated paints with the help of experienced employees.


In collaboration with other manufacturers, IV Technical and Engineering Division produce customized connectors and special terminals compatible with their products.

Component Modeling

In cases where original samples are not available, prototypes are made in actual dimensions for physical inspection.

Industrial Design

Component separation lines are designed for casting and molding irregular components by defining the actual form of the molds.

Technical Drawings

2D and 3D drawings are prepared for prototypes (considering expansion and contraction coefficients) for producing industrial molds.

Manufacturing industrial molds

Best materials, engineering techniques, and workmanship are used together with advanced machineries.
IV Industrial Group relies on the abovementioned resources in engineering design, including modeling, drawing, implementation, and manufacturing which enable this group to work with other industries and manufacturers.

Venus Industrial Group

Venus Industrial Group produces all kinds of electrical terminal blocks in different types and customized materials according to international standards in Iran.

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