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Commercial & Marketing Division

Commercial Division

Venus Industrial Group (Venus Iran) has set up a trading unit within its group with the aim of optimal business management, monitoring the retention and development of profitable customers and enhancing the name and brand of this group.
Commercial activities This collection is divided into two main parts of domestic and foreign trade.
The foreign trade section includes the main import and export activities. , age conditions, level of education, geographical conditions and all laws and regulations governing the destination country are checked. The next step is to identify the desired companies and collect information about them. After this step, among the desired companies, companies that have the ability to supply the desired products are selected, and correspondence and negotiations with these companies are carried out.
In the import department, research is done on the goods that have the possibility of entering the country, checking their chances in the Iranian market and selecting them by the marketing unit, by conducting extensive market research. It is done and if all the technical and marketing departments get the opinion, the necessary measures will be taken to bring the product into the country.

Marketing Division

The basis of this unit is to find target markets, supply goods to consumers, sell and participate in tenders in parallel with the activities of the sales unit.
The purpose of creating a marketing unit:

  1. Identifying potential target markets and collecting relevant information.
  2. Planning and carrying out all sales promotion and development activities such as advertising, participating in exhibitions, organizing seminars and using other tools to introduce the company and attract customers
  3. Investigating and analyzing the market situation from the point of view of pricing and decision-making to determine the sales strategy
  4. Laying the groundwork for concluding sales contracts with customers in order to meet the needs and demands of the parties
  5. Preparation and presentation of analytical and statistical reports on how to perform related activities
Venus Industrial Group

Venus Industrial Group produces all kinds of electrical terminal blocks in different types and customized materials according to international standards in Iran.

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