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The new Series PRO is the result of a close collaboration between VENUS GROUP and the electricians. The aim was to create a product adapted to their way of working. A larger diameter of the embouchure hole and a removable end cover, which minimize the risk of electrical shock, provide a greater safety to the electrical installation. The product could also be used as a regular terminal strip by simply removing the end cover.

The branch terminal of the professional series (Pro Series) has been produced from the direct interaction of a group of Iranian electrical engineers with Venus Industrial Group engineers.
The task of this terminal is to create an electrical connection between several is a consumer.

Material :

  • Body: Polyamide 6 (custom color) UL94 standard flame and combustion resistant
  • Connector: MS58 standard brass with nickel plating
  • Screw: steel plated on both sides and four sides

Features :

  • Production in the model of 10 houses
  • Complete consumer protection against electric shock

Exclusive Features :

  • Larger size of wire entry houses for easier connection of more wires to one house (1)
  • Detachable door in each house to use the other side if needed (2)
  • Nickel plating of connectors to prevent sulfation against moisture and also using 60% pure copper in brass alloy to have the maximum possible conductivity
  • The use of two-sided and four-sided screws for ease of opening and closing with a variety of screwdrivers, as well as a new design of screws that prevents damage to the wires. (3)
  • Round design to increase the number of input wires
  • Easy breaking and without leaving a broken edge on the product, without the need for any tools to separate the required number of houses from the main product (4)
terminal block pro 16


  •  New connection system adapted to your way of working.
  •  Poles easily divided by hand. No tool required.
  •  Burr – free sides.
  •  Larger diameter of the embouchure hole.
  •  Greater connecting capacity.
  •  Two screws available for a reliable connection.
  •  Greater safety: end cover to avoid risk of electrical shock.
  •  Removable end cover for using both sides if necessary.

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Venus Industrial Group

Venus Industrial Group produces all kinds of electrical terminal blocks in different types and customized materials according to international standards in Iran.

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