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Why Terminal Block

Why Should We Use
Electrical Connector Or Terminal Blocks?

Connecting wires in buildings need special parts that must have the right characteristics to transmit electricity so that they don't lose their strength over time and can pass electricity well.

These capabilities are definitely not available from adhesive tapes that have become common among people. Failure to pay attention to safety points in connecting electrical wires is dangerous and causes electric shock and fire. Connectors prevent this kind of danger without heating up. But connectors are made and supplied in various shapes and materials, which are used according to the needs of the consumer. Sometimes it is necessary to connect two wires and sometimes it is necessary to branch one or more wires of the secondary wire from the main wire. The use of electrical terminals helps us to establish electrical current between two or more wires with high safety.

Power terminal blocks are essential components in electrical and electronic systems for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they provide a secure and organized means of connecting and distributing power within a circuit. Their robust construction ensures a reliable connection, reducing the risk of loose or intermittent connections that can lead to equipment failure or safety hazards. Additionally, power terminal blocks simplify maintenance and troubleshooting by allowing for easy disconnection and reconnection of wires. They also contribute to system scalability, making it easier to expand or modify circuits as needed. In summary, the use of power terminal blocks enhances safety, reliability, and flexibility in electrical applications, making them a crucial component in various industries.

In short, we bring the advantages of using electrical connectors or terminals below:

  1. To increase the length of the wire with higher safety: sometimes tape is used to increase the length of the wire, which is extremely dangerous and causes electric shock or fire. By using the right connectors, even though we will not have a reduction in voltage pressure, the possibility of fire risk is also reduced.
  2. To connect the wires in a standard way: when the electrical wires are connected with standard connectors, they can withstand higher electric current and heat. This is in the case that the improper connection of the electric wires reduces the electric pressure and even after a while the connection wears out and causes electric shock and fire.
  3. For repairs and fixing the defects of complex wiring: by using some terminals, you can simply and repeatedly open and close the place where the wires are connected and fix their defects and problems easily.
  4. For permanent or temporary connection of two or more wires with safety considerations in mind: Connectors allow the wires to be permanently connected and if needed, the wires can be easily and safely separated. made.
  5. Connectors can also be used for safe branching from electrical panels and other things, all of which provide us with suitable conditions and high safety.
Venus Industrial Group

Venus Industrial Group produces all kinds of electrical terminal blocks in different types and customized materials according to international standards in Iran.

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