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Updating products and creating new designs is a very important factor in the survival of a production complex. Industries that are based on rapid changes must continuously expand the designs and quantity of their products, because the qualitative changes and variety of products and the change of customers' tastes make this inevitable.
In systems which are focused on marketing, their main focus is on market needs, but in systems whose activities are based on research and development, the main focus is on the future vision of the market.
In outward-looking businesses, research and development usually refers to future-oriented and long-term activities in the fields of science and technology. In them, common methods are used in scientific research, with the difference that targeting is towards predetermined commercial results.

From a technical point of view, organizations with advanced technology are always looking for solutions in order to eliminate their many overheads, to use the advanced technologies they have in a multi-purpose and continuous manner. They often employ advanced manufacturing processes, expensive safety certifications, specialized embedded software, computer-aided design software, electronic designs, and mechanical subsystems.
Research shows that companies that have a sustainable research and development strategy perform far better than those companies that do not have an investment plan in the field of research and development or have an irregular plan.
Current research and development is the core of the modern business world. The main decisions in companies are made on the basis of research and development.

Since the level of competition, production methods and processes are expanding at an increasing speed, therefore, in the business category, research and development is of a high degree. These units mainly carry out activities such as improving product quality, designing new products, optimizing processes, transferring and absorbing technologies, acquiring technical knowledge for production, etc. within the framework of the policies of industrial owners. The performance of the research and development unit is the result of the systematic cooperation of a set of main sub-systems that together implement the tasks expected from the research and development unit. strategy review subsystems; project planning; project implementation; and exploiting the results of the project and the research and development management subsystem as the research and development headquarters is responsible for supporting and leading and monitoring the performance of other subsystems. Research and development, the purpose and other matters are briefly as follows.

The main goals of management
The vision of the research and development unit in the horizon of 1400
We are of the opinion that it is based on divine power as a reference To become the only one for the decision makers of the large family of Venus, who is recognized by the analytical, experienced and committed research staff to the ideals of the organization and the leader in creating or recognizing and applying new innovations and creating value in order to improve the level of international and national competitiveness of the group.

The goals of forming a research and development unit

  1. Promoting the spirit of research in the whole collection
  2. Management of research activities
  3. Providing technological advice to management and other management subcategories
  4. Creating a suitable platform for conducting applied research and development
  5. Engineering and market research (domestic and foreign)
  6. Using the scientific power of all researchers and using the existing potentials in the company, universities and reputable domestic and foreign research centers, the achievements of this unit's activities
  7. Knowledge of new technologies and help the organization's decision makers to apply it
  8. Applying new technologies in production lines for higher work efficiency
  9. Responding to the new needs of the market and customers
  10. Reducing production costs and increasing productivity
  11. Increasing profitability
  12. Removal of production obstacles
  13. waste reduction
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Venus Industrial Group produces all kinds of electrical terminal blocks in different types and customized materials according to international standards in Iran.

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